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Badgley Mischka Store Opening

7 Mar

The stars came out to celebrate Badgley Mischka’s new flagship store on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills California.

Apparently the Hills are still alive with the sound of music…because Audrina Patridge and “Lo” Lauren Bosworth, from the reality show “The Hills” were in attendance. Pictured here is Dancing With The Stars alum Audrina Patridge (who of course is also known for her role on The Hills) and Stacy Keibler were also in attendance.

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Kim Kardashian’s New Song “Jam” (Turn It Up)

4 Mar

Ummmm….yeah..I don’t know about this one..the song that is, but I’m pretty sure the video that will be directed by Hype Williams will be super cute…and eventually win us over. But more importantly a portion of the proceeds will go to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital….how awesome is that? Pretty awesome I say. But honestly I’ve heard worse so kudos to Kim for giving it the ole college try and finding new ways to keep us talking! And if you have any questions on why this girl is famous the “life is like of box of chocolates analogy” works everytime….you never know what your gonna get with this girl! I must say she definitely keeps it interesting…

Pics from Kim Kardashian’s “Jam” video…

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Elton John’s Oscar’s After Party

1 Mar

Everyone’s posting the Oscar’s Red Carpet. But the fun doesn’t start till after the awards! Elton John hosted his 19th Annual AIDS Foundation party at the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood California…

Kim Kardashian in J. Mendel and Kelly Osborne in this beautiful Tony Ward dress pose together for the photogs….

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And The Highest Paid Reality Star Is…

26 Jan

Well duh! You knew it was Kim Kardashian, but I bet you can’t guess how much she’s being paid? Estimates are  that she has racked in around 6 million dollars! (She has racks on racks on racks *giggles*) Yes that’s a six followed by six zeros by being a reality TV star! Of course this includes endorsement deals, along with other things such as her family business DASH….but its no wonder everyone and their momma is trying to get their own reality show. But it’s my guess that it’s not easy as it looks…my question is what are you willing to do (ahem as I clear my throat) and what are you willing to sacrifice for it?

Hot or Not Red Carpet Addition

20 Jan

Kim Kardashian in a Red Vera Wang Gown

Kim Kardashian arrives at the 16th annual Critics’ Choice Movie Awards at the Hollywood Palladium on January 14, 2011 in Los Angeles.  Is this hot or not?

Keeping Up With Kim Kardashian Boot Camp Style

16 Jan

I kinda want the old Kim Kardashian back. Although I hated her but secretly loved her at the same time, I must admit the girl had it going on! Not only was she something new, but she was different and broke the mold by not only by being curvaceous, but she was Armenian. Let’s face it, many of us had no idea about the culture (and still don’t), but whatever it was, mixed with Hollywood, it was a cocktail for success.

Pictured here coming from boot camp, Kim Kardashian has slimed down quite a bit, and is quickly conforming to Hollywood’s standards.

There’s nothing wrong with being healthy and in shape, but Kimmy wasn’t a porker either. What do you think? Do you like the new slimmed down Kim Kardashian? Or do you think she needs to work out, or do you like the old Kim Kardashian? Please share your thoughts!

Trend Alert!

19 Nov

Kim Kardashian "Trend Alert"

The New York Times actually wrote an article on Kim Kardashian trying to figure out exactly what Kim Kardashian does, why she’s famous, and what her appeal is that she generates millions of dollars and sheer pandemonium amongst crowds. Despite the curiosity of exactly what this girl does; the girl knows fashion, and is quickly becoming a trendsetter….  might I even say, fashion icon?

Before you kill me, somehow she has gone from Ray J’s haute muffin to having her own reality show, million dollar endorsement deals, and becoming a certified celebrity. Pictured above wearing a sleek pony tail and a beautiful gold hair adornment, its evident she has style . Although unusual because I never seen it before,  it is still chic and very different. And this is what trendsetter’s do; make something unusual or unknown, make it appealing to the masses, and turn it into a trend. Although her beginnings were questionable, she has definetly parlayed her way off the sinking ship we call Ray J, and found her way into The Church of Fashion and claimed fashion sanctuary.

What do you think of this look? Would you wear it?