Spring 2011 Runway Trends

22 Feb

It’s cold, it’s snowy, and Old Man Winter has been kicking our little fashionable tales, especially you snow bunnies up north. Psssssstt….but listen closely, because I have a little secret…there’s word going around that Old Man Winter will be receiving his pink slip soon! Hooray! This calls for a celebration, and although we don’t want anyone to loose their job, it’s time for Old Man Winter to go into retirement. So let’s celebrate in style and give homage to the spring and kiss Old Man Winter goodbye!

Designer Peter Dundas for Emilio Pucci has done it. He has created a beautiful and wearable Spring 2011 collection that is oddly enough pulled from three different genera’s and era’s which are; The 70’s, Grecian, and Bohemian that’s all wrapped up in one cohesive collection flawlessly!

Trend Alert: The 70‘s trend is everywhere for this spring. So invoke your inner flower power, make love and not war, wish for peace in the middle east, and transition into spring flawlessly.


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  1. Ciara In The Hottest Shoe Of The Season « The City Socialite - 02/23/2011

    […] This is hands down the hottest shoe of this season. From the Emilio Pucci 2011 Spring Collection this look is right off the runway of Milan. Pictured here on the Pink Carpet at this year’s 2011 All Star Weekend, Ciara rocks the snakeskin lace up Grecian boot that is also available in leather. To view this look directly off the runway click here. […]

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