Next Celebrity Designer? Rihanna

30 Dec


Adding to the long long list of singers, actors, basketball players, and other celebrities, Rihanna may be hoping on board the celebrity/designer choo choo train. This train is obviously a gravy train with celebrities racking up milions upon millions of dollars each year from their fashion lines.

On Sunday (12.26.2010) Rihanna was seen having dinner with Sir Philip Green, the owner of the fashion retailer Topshop at the Sandy Lane Hotel Resort, in St. James, Barbados. There are rumors spreading (along with this one) that Rihanna may be doing a fashion line for the popular UK based retailer that is known for their high street and designer collaborations.

Sir Phillip Green "Owner of Topshop"

Celebrities such as 50 cent with his G Unit line has made over $75,000,000 annually. Along with 50 Cent  is Beyonce, Jay Z, Diddy, Posh Spice, J Lo, Gwen Stefani, and Jessica Simpson who has done really well with her Jessica Simpson shoe line. Maybe pretty soon we can officially add Rihanna to this list.

Rihanna’s pubic relations spokes person has neither confirmed or denied this rumor.

Question & Comments: Based on Rihanna’s sense of style, would you buy if Rihanna came out with a clothing line?


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