And It Begins

16 Nov

A month ago I wrote an article titled “Where’s The Fashion?”,  after attending fashion shows here in Atlanta that were similar to Chinese water torture.  Instead of complaining (which always adds to a problem, it never solves them) I decided not to wait for the Joan of Arc of fashion to change the industry here in Atlanta. Knowing that Atlanta is oozing with talent like lava from a volcano, I decided to capture that talent on film to discover where the real fashion is in Atlanta. My first interview was with model and actor Roumain Brown who is from Miami who moved here because of the thriving music industry here, and the potential that Atlanta had to offer in the entertainment industry. Stay tuned for video snippets from the interview! More pics after the break!

Of course we had to do a mini photoshoot!

If you are in the fashion/entertainment industry in Atlanta and would like to be interviewed please send your information to, with the subject “Where’s The Fashion”.


One Response to “And It Begins”

  1. Kerry 11/19/2010 at 5:02 pm #

    He’s cute! I can’t wait to see the documentary this should be very interesting!

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