Givenchy Suing BCBG for Handbag “Knock-Off”

12 Nov

Givenchy Nightingale handbag

Well obviously we have an intruder, who’s sneaking in Givenchy windows and snatching purses up..

Which is actually far from the truth… so BCBG must be in China Town selling pleather Givenchy Nightingale bags for $50? No, they aren’t. Maybe like me, you’re wondering how does a big company such as BCBG get accused of  knocking off a luxury retailer such as Givenchy?

Givenchy claims that BCBG’s Rembrandt bag is a knock off of their Nightingale bag. A knock off is usually an exact replica of something else, but I will leave you to judge for yourselves..what do you think? Read more to see BCBG’s Rembrandt handbag.

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BCBG Rembrandt handbag


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