Eat. Drink. Think. Fashion

10 Nov


944's "Eat. Drink. Think." Issue And some random wrote their number on my magazine!

944 Magazine celebrated their Eat.Drink. Think. “The Food Issue” Wednesday  November 3, 2010 with the Naked Chef Jamie Oliver on the cover. The location was Cafe Circa, an electic getaway right off Auburn Avenue, where history and culture resides. Food and fashion? Do I need to say more? 

Doubling as a reception for Laura Brazil Couture, there was a live photo shoot happening all at once, providing the atmosphere with a cool backstage vibe found only at the hottest fashion shows. So where were we? At the bar of course, taking it all in. The crowd was just as interesting, meeting everyone from investment bankers, to magazine editors, and stylists, all while taking in the delicious food and electic vibe of this event.

Bon appétit!

I left my SD Memory card, so if you want to view more pictures from this event click here:

Left to right. Stylist Tomika Thomas, Photographer Tahir White, and Natasha Wix The City Socialite

The food was amazing!


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