“Overseas & Undertones” Exhibit/Official Atlanta Launch Of The “Street Art Cookbook”

26 Oct

Artist Greg Mike, "Collaboration Piece"

I attended the “Overseas & Undertones” exhibit at the ABV Gallery here in Atlanta, which was also the official Atlanta launch of the “Street Art Cookbook”. Artists  from all over the world included London, Berlin, Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, and Denmark were on display. The ABV Gallery which stands for (A Better View) gives you just that. Giving a different persepctive to the normal art gallery experience, ABV is cool, relaxed, and beautiful. With a clean and simple art deco space, and boutique feel, the space gives the art that is displayed the ablitlity to shine. The gallery has striking visuals that displays art from a variety of artists that will satisfy any art lover’s hunger for the arts!

The ABV Gallery is located at 659 Auburn Ave #504, Atlanta GA 30312


ABV Gallery Manager Priscilla Campbell

"The Crucifer

Artists AC Bananas-London "The Crucifer" Artist Mr. Jago-Bristol "Hightides"

Artist Jaybo Monk-Berlin "Can I Escape Destiny?"

Artist Maria Imaginario-Lisbon "Charlotte Cachalote"

Pictured to the right is artist & owner of the ABV Gallery Greg Mike creater of "Coke Heads"

Artist Michael Greg "Three Can's And A Fly Print"

Artist at work

They had a DJ who added to the cool atmosphere

I stayed until the gallery closed, what a view!


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  1. aqworlds hacks 11/08/2010 at 1:09 am #

    Good stuff, thanks!

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