Funky Flair Boutique…Trunk Show

18 Oct


A “trunk show” is a special sale in which vendors present merchandise directly to store personnel or select customers at a retail location or another unique venue. In many cases it allows store personnel to preview and/or purchase merchandise before it is made available to the public. It is particularly desirable to have the actual designer present at the event. Most small businesses do this to get more buys.

With everything that’s going on such as; the government telling us we’re in a crisis, and the republicans telling us to vote their way or jump a building, it was nice to see business owners, especially local boutique owners not only surviving but thriving. Although this was a great event, I was still missing something; local designers, and handcrafted pieces. My entire reason for shopping boutiques is to shop for items that others won’t have, and the originality of local designers. So my appetite for fashion wasn’t quite fulfilled, but the effort is noted!

Radio Personalities Lorraine Jacques White (WAOK), Elle Duncan (V-103), and Mara Davis from (Dave FM)

I really liked this dress until the store owner decided to place this horrific looking necklace on the mannequin….


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