Where’s The Fashion?

29 Sep

In the 80’s everyone was asking, “Where’s the beef”. And with the recent chain of  events, I have come to ask a similar question; “Where’s the fashion?”……..

I’m on the quest to find the real fashion in Atlanta. So does anyone have a clue on where it is?! With my business The City Socialite I chronicle some of Atlanta’s hottest events. Atlanta is full of celebrities, athletes, actors and young people with their finger somewhat on the pulse of Atlanta trying to tap into the industry, but something’s missing….

New York is the major fashion capital of America but Miami, Los Angeles, and Chicago aren’t too far behind. So I guess my real question is, where does Atlanta fit in? Each are major cities that have cultivated their fashion industries into something spectacular. I can’t help but to feel that Atlanta is the red-headed step child that no one wants to be bothered with. Of course New York, is “New York” with major fashion houses such as DVF, Calvin Klein, Carolina Herrera, Betsy Johnson, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Tom Ford and Donna Karen just to name a few. And Los Angeles isn’t too far behind with fashion designers such as Christian Audigier, Kevan Hall, and Richie Rich.

But many years ago New York was almost the same as Atlanta, and was not considered a fashion capital. Only till 1943 was the first New York Fashion Week held to distract attention from the French during WWII. 

With Haute.lanta Fashion Week just passing, and a few other shows going on to spark the interest of Atlanta’s fashion connoisseurs, I can’t help but to feel that the pulse of Atlanta’s fashion industry is still faint. Atlanta is in definite need of rehabilitation, because it has fallen and can’t get up.

This is a PSA, if you know where the Atlanta fashion is, we want to interview you. This now is an official search and documentation (which will be documented on film) of “Where’s The Fashion”.


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